Your Favorite Team Sets and Singles Item: 621981 -- 2020 Donruss Racing NASCAR Trading Cards 12 Pack Sealed Fat Pack Box 360 Cards


2020 Donruss Racing NASCAR Trading Cards 12 Pack Sealed Fat Pack Box 360 Cards

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2020 Donruss Racing NASCAR Racing



Trading Cards



New, Full, Sealed RETAIL Fat Packs



Each Fat Pack Box Contains:



12 Pack Per Box



30 Cards Per Pack

360 Total Cards Per Box












·        With a 200-card base set, look for different versions of your favorite drivers like Dale Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and more!



·        Find 3 inserts, 3 parallels and 2 Optic cards in each pack!



·        Each fat pack will have 1 exclusive Optic Carolina Blue Wave parallel.



·        Hunt for autographs from this season’s top drivers!









·        Fat Pack Exclusive



o   3 Carolina Blue and 1 Optic Carolina Blue Wave parallel per pack



·        Base



Parallels: Silver (1:4), Carolina Blue (Fat-Pack Exclusive, 1:2), Red (#’d/299), Blue (#’d/199), Black Numbers (max #’d/99), Green (#’d/99), Purple (#’d/49), Pink (#’d/25) Printing Plates (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, all #’d 1/1)



o   Base – 200-card set



§  Base – 75-card set



§  Retro 1987 – 73-card set



§  Cars – 20 card set



§  Race Kings – 15-card set



§  Retro 1987 Throwback Cars – 15 card set



§  Rated Rookies – 5-card set



·        Inserts



ParallelsCheckers (Retail-Exclusive, 1:9)



o   Retro Series (1:5) – 10-card set



o   Elite Series (1:5) – 10-card set



o   Dominators (1:5) – 10-card set



o   Action Packed (1:6) – 8-card set



o   Aero Package (1:4) – 12-card set



o   Contenders (1:3) – 16-card set



o   Classics (1:3) – 16-card set



o   Top Tier (1:6) – 8-card set



o   NEXT in Line (1:5) – 10-card set



·        Optic



Parallels: Holo (1:9), Carolina Blue Wave (Fat-Pack Exclusive

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